Breaking The Moon (Dream Catchers Series Book 2)

BreakingTheMoonCoverRelease Date: April 12, 2011
Genre: Romance/Coming of Age/Fiction
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BREAKING THE MOON is the tumultuous tale of heartache and love, and how sometimes it’s just not enough.

A follow up to 2010’s DREAM CATCHERS, Sandy Lo continues Haley’s journey of self-discovery as she is faced with new obstacles all while trying to understand the tormented past of her boyfriend, Jordan.

In the beginning, love is as easy as breathing. After almost two years of dating, Haley and Jordan are the perfect couple. They’re young, carefree and on the brink of their dream careers. Life is perfect until their world is turned upside down by unexpected news: Haley is pregnant. The couple struggle with the news as well as Jordan’s demons and concepts on family. Will they be able to pick up the pieces after their world shatters?

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

About Sandy Lo

Sandy Lo is a published author and is an accomplished entertainment journalist. Her "Dream Catchers" book series have reached Amazon's Top 100 Coming of Age list and "The Watch Dog" has made it in Top 10 Ghost Stories on Amazon's Free Book List. In 2010, Sandy was listed as "50 Writers You Should Be Reading" by the Authors Show. Currently, Sandy resides in New York where she freelance writes for several publications and works in a coffee shop, which she will be using for inspiration for an upcoming novel.

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